Black Bison
Richmond Stokes, also known as Black Bison, was a member of the Irregulars


As an african-american growing up in segregated depression America, Richmond Stokes knew about adversity. He was orphaned by a freak accident at a young age and ran away from the foster home the government didn't care to maintain at the age of 9. Eventually coming to the Redsand Reserve, where he lived in the brush stealing from a town until caught by the Chief's wife. He was adopted into the tribes way of life and when deemed ready at the age of 15 took his vision quest. He began training as a brave and after 4 years of training was deemed ready. After trying to join the army at the first outbreak of war and being rejected for nothing more than his skin colour and the years he couldn't account for. He was approached by a Canadian agent of the crown to recruit him into a program to face the best and weirdest the Nazis had to offer. He accepted and quickly found his stride in the team of Spies, Soldiers, Mystery Men and Weirdos.

Powers, Skills & AbilitiesEdit


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