Caine was a vigilante that stalked the streets of Queens in the Protoverse. He used a collapsible stun staff and fear to great effect.

As of 2017, Caine is 20 years old.


Caine was born Justin Blackwell. He had a younger brother, Adrian.

Caine felt responsible for the disappearance of his brother, as Adrian had told him multiple times that he thought he'd seen people following him home and to school.

Caine built his mask and staff himself after his brother disappeared. For the first time in his life he was applying himself. the stress of his brother's disappearance may have even unlocked latent emergent genes.


Adoptive Muscle MemoryEdit

After seeing something performed he can replicate it. Meaning he was capable of learning several fighting styles in mere minutes.

This is also how he was able to build his equipment, as he learned online.

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