Metal man-shirt

Metal Man has the power to turn his body into solid metal.


His powers first manifested after his father got into a motorcycle accident with him in the sidecar. A simple stunt for a professional gone wrong, he unknowingly turned himself into metal causing the bike to plummet down with increased speed. He believes this is what caused his father to die in the accident.

After that his mother wanted to keep him safe and sheltered- so he grew up the rest of his life in a sterile environment home-schooled by his computer-science professor mother. Through connections she had to the university she was able to send him to study under the guidance of Malcolm Trenten. This was his first taste of independence since the accident and he decided he liked it enough to move out on his own into a gated tower community, with a little financial aid from his mentor. The two would keep in contact even after Matthew finished his degree working odd projects together. Mostly Matthew spent his time in his community gym and working on his blog- his only social connection to the world.

Days in the WatchEdit

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