Sometimes referred to as the "Superlads Universe". In the Protoverse superheroics did not become part of the public world until around 2015, with the rise of the New York Watch .

History of the ProtoverseEdit

After the Irregulars fell apart over the years following the Second World War , many individuals with special and unique abilities came into the spotlight. The Cold War was a time of turmoil in the world and these individuals were often recruited into secret government programs. 

The Space Race stepped up Emergent activity, a new age of discovery brought with it people who felt free and dreamed of all the possibilities their powers could achieve.

But quickly this changed, any examples of emergent activity were quickly covered up and hidden from a public eye that wouldn't understand and used in an attempt to gain the element of surprise on their enemies, metahumans quickly learned to keep their heads down if they wanted to avoid trouble or becoming the subject of a conspiracy theory.

During the late 80s, a vigilante known as the Purifier started his mission to clear the crime-plagued streets of Miami. 

The GatheringEdit

Over the course of a year the members of the NY Watch came together and have fun adventures.

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